7 Surprising Foods Rich in Vitamin C


Tomatoes get their red hue from the antioxidant lycopene, a known cancer-fighter, and the fruit provides 24.7mg vitamin C per cup, which is 33 percent of your daily need. Bake with zucchini, onions, and Parmesan; or serve with burrata.

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A cup of broccoli offers 81.2mg vitamin C—that’s a whopping 108 percent of your daily intake. The veggie also contains bone-building calcium, as well as 4 percent of the recommended amount of iron for most women. Plus, the vitamin C works in tandem with the iron, helping you better absorb the mineral. Enjoy with orzo and red lentils, or add to a creamy soup.

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Collard Greens

One cup of these veggies supplies 12.7mg vitamin C. The green also offers satiating protein, fiber, and calcium. Use ’em as a wrap, in lieu of a tortilla, or chop and sauté as a tasty side dish, or better yet blend them all together into a tasty green drink and to add an extra kick of vitamin C and other essential nutrients add half a table spoon of Immunity Boosting Elixir Powder. This drink can help improve brain function help fight infections and lower inflammation in the body.

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A cup of juicy pineapple offers 78.9mg (105 percent) of vitamin C. It also provides 2.3g fiber, up to 10 percent of the daily requirement, and some blood-pressure-reducing potassium. Add to a salsa and serve over tacos, or include in a delicious smoothie recipe together with half of coffee spoon of the Immunity Boosting Elixir. The Elixir contains Gingerol, a powerful natural component with medical properties with anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties to help fight infections especially respiratory infections.

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