Organic Vision Granola Bars journey into far Malaysia

Who ever got the chance to try Malaysian cuisine has had the pleasure of experiencing a vast combination of flavors that never thought would have been possible before.

Today we are going to take you to the far Asia, into Malaysia, a country in Southeast Asia, known for its marvelous nature: its beaches and rain-forests; its mix of population: Malay, Chinese, Indian and European, and of course its cuisine.

I remember the first time I tried Malaysian food. I had heard so much about their cuisine of being very unique in combination of flavors and ingredients, and I had heard ‘urban legends’ of Malaysian food being very very spicy. I got to tell you I was very nervous, my hands were shaking and at the same time I was trying not to show my nervousness, and I don’t even know why I was so anxious since it was not like me to get scared easily in front of the plate, but I suspect it must have been other people’ comments on the food being so spicy that they had cried afterwards. To my surprise after taking a bite the flavor was very unique and pleasant, and I got to like their way of cooking with some of their dishes being my favorites, but that will be a topic for another article…

Organic Vision in Malaysia, Cupchai Restaurant Chain

I was just visiting Malaysia, and of course I had my granola bars with me on my favorite restaurant to eat typical Malaysian food: Cupchai Cafe and Restro , when happened that one of the founders felt curious to try one of my granola bars. He loved it! He had the idea of introducing our Organic Vision granola bars into his restaurant chains.

I was very surprised and felt very happy when Cupchai Cafe and Restro invited us at Organic Vision for a collaboration with our Granola Bars. Our bars would be sold into their very cool restaurants! What we stand for is believing in a healthy lifestyle for every one, people who want to eat healthy snacks, people with busy lives, people with active lifestyle. The fact that our natural bars would be present form Europe into the far Asia, was very cool. It was not long that we had very positive reviews for our bars, people loved them: their crunchy texture, their delicious and decadent combination with chocolate was what we heard from people who had tried our bars. It has been more than a year now and we are so happy that people continuously tell us positive comments with unique recipes that Malaysian people use with our bars. I will remember to share some of them as they are very unique in the next posts. This has inspired us to create some unique flavors which we will introduce very soon…

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