Immunity Boosting Elixir: Everything you need to know (plus the recipe)

What is Immunity Boosting Elixir

Immunity Boosting Elixir is not your average beverage!  It’s a vitalizing, immunity augmenting drink that has helped everyone from the healthy athlete to the chronic illness patient to thrive & strengthen their immune system. This powerful drink will help create the appropriate internal environment to increase your defense mechanisms against disease causing micro-organisms, and help you continue your life unstoppable and stronger than ever, to become more and thrive not just survive. Read on to find out how to make this delicious beverage, where it came from and how it works.

Immunity Boosting Elixir smoothie recipe with bananas

How to make Immunity Boosting Elixir

  1. The Immunity Boosting Elixir is a mixture of herbs and algae, all natural and with organic ingredients and as such is the perfect beverage for your afternoon drink. It is very simple to prepare and consume the Elixir. Keep in mind that this is powerful stuff and will help your body improve health and strengthen immunity. Keep reading as I will share with you a special recipe you can make with the Elixir, really simple but very delicious.
  2. Take one banana, peel it off and chop it into the blender. Take half a teaspoon of the Immunity Boosting Elixir and add it into the mixture. For a more exotic taste you can add some slices of fresh pineapple. Last add some ice into the mixture, and start blending it all for 30-40 seconds.
  3. After the blend is ready pour the mixture into a glass and you have made yourself the drink that will enhance not only your immune system but will revitalize your whole organism.
  4. Drink plenty of water afterwards to help your body hydrate and absorb better the Elixir.

Try these convenient hacks

  1. You can make the Immunity Boosting Elixir into your favorite smoothie.
  2. If you prefer red fruits better, try adding some strawberries and blueberries to the mixture.
  3. The sweet taste of red fruits will make an excellent drink with the immunity boosting superpowers.
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How Immunity Boosting Elixir began

It all began as a challenge of what seemed to be set by a health condition, an internal rebellion to be strong, to be healthy, to not be limited by circumstances no matter what they are. The Immunity Boosting Elixir is based on the science that helped our founders Kristinka & Vitjola strengthen their immunity and improve their overall health.

They both experienced something that they never did before, which was slowly lowering their energy, lowering their work performance and cognitive abilities and simply put transforming their life into a slow-motion movie, all because of immunity problems.

They challenged their condition and became obsessed on how to learn to help even other people who feel tired, brain fog and simply want to increase their immunity, and that is how the Immunity Boosting Elixir was created, backed by the science of ancient herbs with the latest technology expertise.

If this is your story, you can change it too. You don’t have to feel low on energy, unable to focus on your daily activities, feel like trapped and not being able to do what you are capable of, you can improve your immunity with the Immunity Boosting Elixir.

How does it work

Immunity boosting elixir in a pouch and a plate over a white marble table

Turns out there is some powerful science behind the Immunity Boosting Elixir. Let’s dive in:

Herbs, algae and immunity boosting

Our Immunity System is, well, a system, a complex network of organs, system organs that work together to ensure the organism stays protected even when outside threads such as viruses or bacteria enter the organism and be able to neutralize them. The way our organism fights external threads is by attacking the invasive micro-organisms by some special cells, called white blood cells, that engulf and neutralize the attacker. It is a pretty complex and perfect system that when the body is healthy functions very well on its own and is able to protect you from most external factors.

But what happens when the Immune System is weak? The response to the external factors is not sudden and is not enough and the micro-organisms can enter and do damage to our body. The causes of such weakening of the Immune System can be many. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to just flip a switch and boost the Immunity system right away. Many studies have been conducted to find the causes and remedies of strengthening the Immune System, and have concluded that since we are talking about a system of organs there is a complex set of steps that we can do to improve and boost the metabolism.

This is where the Immunity Boosting Elixir can come to aid, its effect is not just to boost immunity, but to create a healthy environment for the organism to strengthen naturally the immune system.

Micro & Macro Nutrients- The Elixir is rich in micro and macro nutrients that are essential for the organism to stay strong and healthy. In many cases the deficiency of nutrients constitutes to a weaker state and thus brings a lower body performance and weaken state. In the weaken state the organism is not able to defend itself against external agents and becomes vulnerable to the attack. The Immunity Boosting Elixir provides the essential micro and macro nutrients to help improve the immune system and strengthen the barrier for external attacks.

Antioxidant Aid- Antioxidants help the organism combat the oxidation of cells that create an inflammation in the organism. Inflammations are cause during an external attack of outside agents or in the autoimmune case the white cells attack the healthy cells of the organism, resulting in inflammation. In this state the body is weak and is not able to fight properly against viruses or bacteria. Immunity Boosting Elixir is a powerful source of antioxidants that can help the organism lower inflammation and restore health by strengthening the immune system.

Detox Power- Toxins in the body can be the cause of a weak immune system. Detoxification is the process of getting rid of harmful toxins in the body such as heavy metals, which can enter the organism from polluted air by the respiratory system, from the skin by absorption of skincare creams that contain heavy metals or make ups that cause damage to the healthy cells.  This can also be a cause for a weak immune system. The Immunity Boosting Elixir has special ingredients that are able to bind to the heavy metals and remove them from the organism and helping to restore health and strengthen the immune system.

Why natural ingredients?

Natural ingredients are easier absorbed by the organism and easier processed and thus is easier to absorb their nutrients. The Immunity Boosting Elixir’s ingredients are from organic origin, which are richer in nutrients.

The benefits of Immunity Boosting Elixir

Immunity boosting elixir pouch and powder

A strong immune system means a healthier body with an instant response to external thread, and diet plays a crucial role into achieving this. People sometimes think that restricting calories or by just reducing the eating portions can achieve a healthy diet, which can be terrible idea for their body. The thing is that every organism is different, and the need for micro and macro nutrients is inevitable. The science behind Immunity Boosting Elixir is based exactly on the provision of the necessary micro and macro nutrients that constitute a good health and can help improve the immune system by several reasons:

Essential Proteins- The Immunity Boosting Elixir formula is rich in proteins, all the 9 essential amino acids that are the building components of our cells. Healthy cells can help the organism be strong and be able to fight external viral and bacterial attacks.

Vitamins Complete- Vitamins are a micro nutrient that is essential for the health of the cells. Lack of certain vitamins can weaken your defenses and thus lower the immune system. The Immunity Boosting Elixir is rich in Vitamins necessary to keep your cells healthy, and to help your organism absorb better the necessary nutrients such as certain minerals such as iron that is essential for the transportation of Oxygen in the blood from breathing through the lungs to the needed cells.

Antioxidant Aid- We said earlier that toxins in the organism increase the chances of having tumoral cells or cancers which increase inflammation and lower immunity, is essential to help our body get rid of toxins to restore health. The science by which the Immunity Boosting Elixir is created, is exactly based on the fact that by removing unnecessary toxins, inflammation starts to lower and the organism starts to return to the normal state. The nutrients in the Immunity Boosting Elixir are able to bind with heavy metals which are heavily toxic to the human body and help get rid of them through neutralizing the molecules into a harmless form, to then be expelled outside of the organism.

Minerals Complete- Minerals have an important role in our bodies, they are essential compounds of cells, and the imbalance of minerals lead to a weak state of organism and thus a weak immune system. Minerals found in the Immunity Boosting Elixir play an important role in the health of the organism, they aid the cells be healthy and in turn help increase the immune system.

Bonus Benefits of the Immunity Boosting Elixir

Promote overall health- A healthy body means a strong immune system. The opposite is also true, a unhealthy, weak body and system organs means a lower immune system and a susceptibility towards harmful viruses and bacteria. What the Immune Boosting Elixir does is aid not only the Immune System, but also helps strengthen the other system organs by:

  • helping improve blood sugar levels
  • help lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood
  • keeps blood pressure in check
  • reduces inflammation
  • manages to fight respiratory diseases
  • enhance aerobic endurance
  • promotes eye health
  • supports liver health
  • improves digestion & reduces bloating
  • helps relieve PMS

Do you have to use special ingredients to make Immunity Boosting Elixir?

Sure, we could have used just some chemical ingredients to make a beverage to help support the immune system, but that is not what we stand for, we believe in empowering people through health.

And just how healthy are the chemical ingredients? Exactly! Do they even compare to the organic and sustainably grown ingredients we have chosen to use in our Immunity Boosting Elixir? You do the math.

Why the wrong supplements will make you feel weak

Hashimoto disease medicationsbunch of white oval medication tablets and white medication

The Immunity Boosting Elixir ingredients are four times more powerful than the average supplement to help support the immune system. Just drinking herbal tea won’t give you the same effects.

After all the Immunity Boosting Elixir has a special all-natural formula derived from the power of having all the essential amino acids especially glutamine, glutamate and arginine, that are the building blocks of our body, and 6 gingerol to help in increasing the activity of the immune system.

That’s just one more reason why you’ll notice the difference when you drink the Immunity Boosting Elixir compared to chemical supplements.

Taking supplements with essential amino acids can be dangerous for the organism as they start to interfere with the normal function of the body. The Immunity Boosting Elixir is all derived from natural ingredients., that are rich in compounds that help support the immune system, and at the same time do not cause damage to the organism because they are all natural organic compounds.

Why you should rethink health

Immunity Boosting Elixir

The Immunity Boosting Elixir is a beverage but with the power to support your immune system. It is not a supplement and it is not just tea, is a complete aid for the whole organism to regain health and strength. And because of all those qualities you will feel capable to regain your strength again, to lose your brain fog and to reduce your inflammation.

Not all herbs will boost your immunity

One of the causes of a low immune system could be a lack of micro nutrients that constitutes a lack of proper cell function which in turn could upset the organism and lower the immune system. The Immunity Boosting Elixir helps exactly in having a balanced diet of micro as well as macro nutrients to secure a complete nutrition. Herbs lack of most of the essential amino acids and most micro nutrients, so it is difficult to take the necessary nutrients with just tea or herbs, what the Immunity Boosting Elixir has different is the special formula with wide specter of complete nutrition.

But what if you don’t drink the Elixir

You don not have to just drink the Immunity Boosting Elixir to gain its full power. Be creative! You can use it in your favorite smoothie, to make delicious pancakes or even cakes. So, you see that your imagination is the limit…

Won’t I get more nutrients by eating whole foods?

Potentially a nutrient dense diet consists of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Eating natural and organic foods ensures you get the most of these nutrients because compared to the chemically processed food, natural and organic foods do not contain food preservatives or other synthetic ingredients that consumed regularly interfere harm the organism.

Having said that we must keep in mind that not all food that we consume during the day contain all the necessary micro and macro nutrients we need to stay healthy. A prolonged time of malnutrition can result in a low immunity and can bring about other chronic diseases which lower the immune system even more. The Immunity Boosting Elixir is not meant to substitute foods, it provides an aid to the organism on a daily basis to get the necessary micro and macro nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong.

cell and immune support

Immune System Support

The unique formula of Immunity Boosting Elixir is designed especially for people with low immune system. Its organic grown ingredients help our body create a balanced environment that is perfect for our immune system to work properly against external threats.

Get essential Micro & Macro Nutrients

Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins are the main components our elixir. It is crucial to have a balance in these components as they are the essential ingredients on which systems such as the immune system, thyroid hormonal system, etc and processes such as osmosis, toxins removal, electrical impulses, etc. During an infection or external threat these components help the balance in our body create a healthy environment not only for our immune system, but also our cells and processes to perform at their best.

Micro and macro nutrients
Healthy gut, lowering inflammation

Have a healthy gut

One of the main reasons for a weakened immune system may be gut health. That is why Immunity Boosting Elixir is gut friendly:
-Organic Ingredients
-No Chemicals & junk
-Keto friendly
-Gluten free

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